New Love Quotes For Her

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When I saw your eyes for the first time, I knew this was going to be something more than just a first meeting. Look how far we came all through your eyes.
~ Lola Tweedy

All this time I have been searching so hard, where were you?
I had to to face this world alone and try hard to make it through.
But from the day you came, you changed it to a beautiful view.
I am totally in love and this feeling is sweet, lovely, happy and new.
~ Dora Donald

When love is new its such a beautiful feeling. Everything feels just so wonderful. There is so much to learn and know about the other person. You feel you could never get tired of that person.
~ Meagan Tran

There was no fear or hesitation at all. I knew you are good for me and that this relationship is going to be a really good thing. My mind was easy and my heart gave the green signal.
~ Jim Ton

I don't regret falling in love with you but one thing that I feel sorry for is that I did not fall in love with you sooner. So much time I missed out on.
~ Kerry Over

As the days pass, remember that love can change a bitter memory into a sweet one. No matter what happened in your past, love can change it all. Don't hesitate to start new.
~ Yoda Chan

Nowadays I just cannot keep my mind off you. Its just like an automated switch or a magnet that keeps attracting me towards you.
~ Senna Jonquil

Your love has worked its magic on my heart. When I sleep in the night, all I dream about is you and when I begin to wake up I cannot help but check my phone for your call or message.
~ Venice Charles

Let's escape to a world where there is only two of us, you and me. Then you will see that we were simply meant to be together forever.
~ Merle Shinny

Those funny jokes you crack not only make me laugh but also get my heart closer to yours. Remember that once I fall in love, there is no cure.
~ Karen Maoris

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